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Plans and pricing

Free Agent


Some key features
  • Work when you want, make what you need
  • Access to instant payment & commission sharing
  • Access to collaboration & chat tools
  • Access to the online community & live events

Pro Agent


All the features as a Free Agent, plus:
  • Work less by outsourcing tasks to Free Agents
  • Share & receive client referrals
  • Access to buyer agent commission splits
  • Free continuing education courses (est. 2025)

Free Agent Gigs

Do what you love. Outsource the rest.

  • Inside Sales Agent

    Enjoy dialing for dollars? Partner with Pro Agents to work their leads.

  • Referral Agent

    Earn a referral fee by connecting your client leads to Pro Agents.

  • Contract to Close Agent

    From transaction coordination to drafting contracts, this is the ultimate admin agent.

  • Consultant

    Help Pro Agents navigate unique transactions, conduct market research; as well as, offer expert insights & coaching.

  • Showing Agent

    Lead tours, highlight features, and help buyers find their dream property.

  • Open House Agent

    Home showing MVPs that welcome visitors, share highlights, and help sell listings faster.

  • Boots on the Ground

    Earn quick cash by placing lockboxes or yard signs, collecting in-person signatures, & other quick tasks.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Help Pro Agents stay up-to-date on their data entry, emails, CRM tasks, scheduling, & more.

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Frequently asked questions

A NEW way to earn & share commissions. FREE AGENT is a freelance marketplace exclusively for real estate agents.

What is Free Agent?

Free Agent is a peer-to-peer marketplace exclusively for real estate agents.

How does Free Agent differ from other existing freelance platforms for real estate agents, like Upwork or Fiverr?

Free Agent is exclusively for real estate agents. During sign-up, you'll be asked to provide your brokerage info & real estate license number. Once verified, you're in!

What is the commission structure for Free Agent?

Free Agent offers both instant payment & commission sharing. But ultimately, how an agent is paid is up to them. Like Fiverr, Free Agents set their own prices for the services they offer. Likewise, Pro Agents are free to negotiate, offer bonuses, etc. 

Under the Pro Agent plan, how does the task outsourcing work?

Pro Agents can search the marketplace according to their needs & filter the results by agent type, skill set, ranks & reviews, and more. You can also save agents to create your dream team & work on transactions together.

How does Free Agent handle disputes or disagreements between agents?

We don't. Our platform's policy is that all users conduct themselves in an ethical & professional manner. We understand that this doesn't always work out, so agents should take all the usual precautions they would take in their business - including signing proper disclosures, agreements, and documents; as well as, following your brokerage's policies & state laws.

Is Free Agent compliant with all relevant real estate laws and regulations?

Yes! Free Agent is a platform that makes collaborating with other agents simple & effective. All of our users are licensed real estate professionals & are responsible for knowing and following the laws of their state & jurisdiction.

What are the long-term plans for Free Agent?

Free Agent is designed to change the way real estate agents do business & to give them more flexibility, earning opportunities, and a thriving community. We will have accomplished our goal if a real estate agent can build a full-time consistent income exclusively using Free Agent; working how they want & when they want. There is also a sister app in the pipeline that will connect clients directly to agents to take transactions from concept to close, on one platform.

Since "Free Continuing Education Courses" are listed as a benefit for Pro Agents, but are not available yet, what is the estimated timeline for their launch?

Hopefully as soon as Summer 2025. This is an estimated timeframe, but providing mandatory & optional CEUs to Pro Agents, at no additional cost, is a high priority. 

How is payment processed through the platform?

Stripe (for instant payment) & compensation agreement generation (for commission payments) are the two payment options included in the platform. However, agents are free to exchange payments off-platform & in whatever way is appropriate for the situation & regulations.

Are there any limits on the number of gigs or clients a Free Agent can take on?

No, but we'd advise you to only take on what you can handle. Pro Agents have the option to leave reviews & poor reviews will lead to a poor ranking. Pro Agents can filter & sort their search results to find & work with high-quality Free Agents. So great work & great reviews are important.

Is the platform mobile-friendly?

Yes! Free Agent is available on desktop, Android & IOS.